Smoking has long been used as a way of preserving Fresh Fish, the process of salt-curing, drying and then finally smoking the fish could increase a piece of fresh fish's shelf life from days to, in some cases, many weeks. Nowadays Smoked Fish is primarily produced for it's excellent flavour, rather than it's extended durability.

In our "in-house" smokery in Battle, we hand select prime quality fish to smoke. We only ever use pure salt to cure our fish, then rinse and soak several times to reduce the salt content. Once dried and the pellicle has formed (after a minimum of twelve hours) the fish is hung in our Smoker for between 4 and 16 hours depending of the variety of fish being Smoked. Once the desired level of flavour has been achieved, the freshly Smoked Fish is ready to be chilled, then packed ready to be delivered to you!